OSHA Training


OSHA is a government agency that works with employers to ensure they are practicing safe working operations for themselves, their workers, and those they come in contact with.

At High Desert Safety Solutions, we want to work with your business so you can stay in compliance with OSHA and keep those around you safe. Our high-quality OSHA training courses will acquaint you with general industry training or more in-depth training. We offer our 10- and 30-hour training courses in Victorville and the surrounding areas. Register now for a class, or get in touch with us to discuss training at your facility. We look forward to joining with you to make your business as safe and compliant as possible.

What is OSHA Anyway?

The Occupational Safety and Health Act was passed in 1970, and this allowed Congress to create the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, better known as OSHA. This organization works to ensure safe and healthful working conditions for men and women by setting and enforcing standards and providing training, outreach, education, and assistance.

As a part of the United States Department of Labor, OSHA works directly with national, state, and regional government offices to make sure that all businesses are operating safely so that they are not endangering the lives of their employees or civilians. OSHA is primarily designed to make sure private sector employers and their workers partake in safe working practices. The OSH Act also covers some public sector employers and workers in the 50 states and certain territories and jurisdictions under federal authority.


OSHA Requirements for Employers

When you are working to comply with OSHA regulations, the main goals are to provide a safe workplace that is free from serious hazards, and to constantly examine workplace conditions to ensure ongoing compliance. Here are a few reasons why following OSHA requirements is always the best choice.



The government isn’t always around to watch your day-to-day operations. But that doesn’t mean you get to ignore them when they’re gone! OSHA regulations are the law, and you want to make certain that you are always following the law. Although some processes could seem more arduous due to the OSHA requirements, they are in the best interest of everybody involved. You certainly don’t want to be the one telling your employee’s family that they got seriously injured because you weren’t following the laws.



When you put safe practices into place beforehand, you won’t have to be reactive when accidents happen. Accidental injury or property damage is very expensive to take care of, and can leave a lasting impact on the lives of those involved. Make sure you never have to worry about these problems when you follow OSHA guidelines at all times. The National Safety Council has reported that for every dollar invested in safety training and systems, between three and six dollar return on investment is realized.



You likely know more about your industry and the equipment that is required to make it run that your OSHA representative. Because of this, OSHA has a General Duty clause. It requires an employer to protect its employees from potential safety hazards, even if that safety hazard is not specifically mentioned elsewhere in the regulations. You will always need to be on the lookout for potential danger, and be sure that your employees are operating under the safest conditions.



Depending on the size of your company, it is likely that you have a relationship with most of your employees. Whether you are only general acquaintances that see each other at work, or you have become close friends, it’s not hard to see that the lives of every person around you matters. Take their safety into your hands, and make an OSHA approved workplace so they can continue making an impact on your clients and the world around them.

Need More Information?

If you’d like to learn more about OSHA regulations or you have any questions for the knowledgeable staff at High Desert Safety Solutions, get in touch with us today! We love serving Victorville and the surrounding areas. Our goal is to help our community grow in safety so nobody is ever at risk of workplace danger. Sign up for an OSHA course, order learning materials, and more now!

Along with OSHA training, High Desert Safety Solutions proudly offers, CPR, first aid, basic life support, and live scan fingerprinting. No matter what your health and safety needs are, we have the solutions!