Become An Instructor

Demonstration of holding head for CPR

Become an AHA CPR Instructor TODAY!
In the event of an Emergency, you may be the only one around to help. Performing CPR can save a life when Emergency Service Responders are on the way to your location. Join us on our mission to empower our community by becoming an Instructor. You can start your own CPR company, instruct courses at your workplace or even for your friends and family members.

4 Steps to Start Out

If you are interested in teaching CPR, you must first receive Hands-On CPR Training for yourself. High Desert CPR & First Aid provides current training for you based on the most recent guidelines, techniques, materials, and learning platforms. Already trained in CPR? No problem. We provide Instructor Renewal classes to ensure that you are prepared with up to date information presented by the AHA.

  1. Have a current AHA provider card in the discipline that you want to become an Instructor. Disciplines: Heartsaver CPR, or BLS.
  2. Complete Instructor Essentials specific On-line course Pre-requisite.
  3. Complete the appropriate Instructor Course(8 hours: See schedule for Upcoming course Dates)
  4. Successfully be monitored teaching within three months of completing the discipline-specific classroom Instructor Course.

To become a Certified CPR Instructor, you must first become and/or have a current Basic Life Support American Heart Association (AHA) certification. Take the course, and once you have completed the course, your status as a Certified CPR Instructor will be issued .

** Please Note: You must be at least 16 years of age by the end of your course training in CPR, be fluent in the language that you intend to teach in and be able to communicate clearly both in speech and writing, and you must be physically able to perform CPR and BLS skills.**

Starting Your CPR Instructor Business

As a CPR instructor, you have options on how to advance your career. You can work with an emergency services organization or through an independent training organization or company. You can start your own business, choose your own hours, and be your own boss. The details of your business arrangement can vary; it may be your full-time job, or you may have a background in healthcare and teach CPR as an additional income source or service.

How We Can Help

We will assist you with anything you may need and make the process EASY. We will keep you informed of any updates and changes. We make certain that the training you receive is professional so that you are fully comfortable with administering and teaching CPR to others. By maintaining high standards of training, we ensure that your CPR teaching business is kept up to date with the newest guidelines. For more information on how we can help you become a Certified CPR Instructor, Contact High Desert CPR & First Aid TODAY!!